Monday, July 19, 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Contagion of Covid-19

 Today is 29th April, 2021. 

For the last 10 days, my whole family has been covid positive. However, my mother's report only came as positive and my dad's negetive.


My taste and smell had vanished unsuspectingly around the 17th or 18th of April. Mom had got a cough around a day earlier along with my father having a runny rose around the same time. I suspect that the visit to the budh bazar was the source of the covid infection.

Treatment has been ongoing since the report came in positive on 23rd. But I came to realize that the doctors either have no idea about curing covid or they are too skeptical of the medicines.

When I received the positive report, I had called 1075, the covid helpline. Someone picked up and asked me to call 1800-180-5145. Here someone took the details and asked me to call 0120-4186453.

That was Ghaziabad Chief Medical Officer's office number. I told them the details and the medicine names provided by them are these.

Tab. Dolo 650mg 1-0-1 AF x 5

Tab Azithromycin 0-1-0 AF x 5

Tab Montair LC 0-0-1 AF x 5

Tab Aciloc 150mg 1-0-1 AF x 5

Tab Limcee 500mg 1-0-0 x 5

Tab Iver 12mg 1-0-1 AF x 3

Cap DoxyT 100mg 1-0-1 x 5

Syrup Astonin 10ml. 1-1-1 AF x5

I consulted with the Practo doctor Dr.Danish Ali and he too suggested almost the same medicines minus a few,

Now, my mom was not very satisfied with these online medications. But since there was no OPD in operation anywhere, I was forced to consult with another doctor near my place. This doctor was too afraid to consult directly after eyeing the positive report and was angry that we came to consult him and just wrote some medicines including FabiFlu 1600mg and FabiFlu 800mg daily.

Now, this has been around 3 days. During the past few days, I saw SPO2 values drop for all 3 of us to as low as 71.  Since it recovered to 90, and since we did not get a bed at the hospital, we dropped the idea of getting admitted.

Our SPO2 has been in the 90's since yesterday. However, it kept me wondering since my dad and I have the same symptoms and only mom is positive, how the doctors really are differentiating.

Why is Fabiflu, Remdesivir, plasma therapy assigned only on the basis of a RT-PCR and the symptoms are not being considered? Are we who tested negative yet have the same symptoms not at risk?

It is strange. I will keep updating this blog with the updates of our encounter with the contagion. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

So I met Dipanshu hills today. He returned the stuff he took for his failed Winter Spiti ride

This was on 20th Dec 2020. Went to shoot for Power to Ride channel.

I finally stepped out of the house for a long distance after 15 March 2020. 

It's been all corona and lockdown since March. Its been a hard time for all. But I have been enjoying my time with family. Finally after so many many eras later!

Ohh yea.. Its been such a rollercoaster year!

I was finally able to gift my long time crush. Its nothing much.. Just an overcoat.. But she wanted it... Said she liked it!

I also got myself some tech..

I got myself a Dji Osmo Gimbal. I wanted it for a long long time.

Also got myself a LG G8X phone. Ots a dual screen military grade water proof phone with top of the line specs. Was just plain lucky to get it. It was a suggestion from a colleague at work. Loved it.

Also last year I had got promoted.. So its been a great year for me. Everyone is happy!

I planned a short vacation but seems like its not going to be much fruitful with this covid around. Risking travel seems to be a plain folly right now since parents are old now. And they say the virus is transmitted to older people easily. I dont want to be a carrier......